Budgerigar Parakeets

Budgerigar parakeets, also known as budgies, are originally from Australia but soon became one of the most common parakeet species because they are so easy to maintain. Today, there are over five million budgie species across the world. In some areas of Australia, there are so many that they affect cereal crops.

Generally, they are bred for color, song and their liveliness. Budgie parakeets can be obedient and even trained to speak. They get extremely attached to some people in the family, especially for those who care for them. Budgies are terribly angry when they do not see their owner for a long time. What is special about budgerigar parakeets is that they make us fall in love with them from the beginning.


The budgie is a small, long-tailed and clean parrot whose beauty impresses everyone. Budgerigar parakeets are naturally green and yellow with black, but the colors are different: Shades of yellowish, turquoise, blue, white to pure white and red eyes. A budgie can live about 10 years or even more. One parakeet year is equivalent to 10 human years. From the beginning, there is formed a strong connection between parakeets and master.


The beauty of budgerigar parakeets

Budgerigar parakeets are exceptionally clean parrots, are small sized, low cost, and have the ability to mimic human speech,  affectionate and have a beauty that has never been seen before. I think these are enough qualities to make them your best friend. Budgies are very lively, full of life and require a very large cage, at least 13.8 inches in length. The wonderful colors of budgie parakeet highlight its beauty, the throat spots reflecting UV. In most cases, the neck is adorned with a variable number of black spots, while the cheek feathers’ colors are blue and purple. Male specimens have a blue area around the nostrils while the female has beige-brown colors. The legs are brownish- gray; They have brown eyes and the beak is cone-shaped.

 Budgerigar Parakeets

(Photo credit: Jim Bendon/www.flickr.com/photos/jim_bendon_1957)

Budgerigar parakeets need a minimum 10 hours of sleep, otherwise they become restless. Some budgies are afraid of the dark and begin to fly chaotically. In this case, you need to turn on the light to settle them. If you recently bought a budgie, on the first day try not to make sudden movements and avoid putting your hand in the cage as much as possible. Be extremely careful about his movements and, if he/she is not scared, try to touch him/her slowly. If he/she is nervous, try to remain motionless until he/she settles down. If you want a budgie to talk, you have to be sure that he has been a friend with you. Then, when no one around is distracting him, repeat the word over and over again. It might take more time until he learns a word, but then he will remember every word.


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Budgerigar parakeets facts

Budgerigar parakeets eat millet, seed mixture, fruit and vegetables, sprout, and pellet. The seeds make up 50% of a budgie diet. Fruits and vegetables, such as apples, grapefruit, mango, nectarines, peaches, carrots, broccoli, spinach must be well-washed and chopped into small pieces. Water must be refreshed constantly; Otherwise it can foster the development of bacteria, just as with old food. Once a month the cage, toys and the objects in it must be washed with a chlorine-based detergent and hot water and then rinsed well in order to maintain a budgie’s health. Avoid cleaning  the food and water dishes with chlorine.

Budgerigar Diet

Another budgerigar parakeet fact is that most of the budgies kept in the house can’t reproduce themselves because of the ambience and even a lack of space.  In order to reproduce you need a pair of budgies who get used to and love each other. They need a roomy cage, a nest and a lot of quiet time. The female hatches eggs about every 18-20 days. Meanwhile, the female changes its behavior and will become rampant with you. The female will find a place on the floor to lay her eggs and you have to put a nest in the cage. Budgerigar parakeets breeding is not difficult but requires experience. To determine the sex of a budgie you need to look above the beak: if that area is blue, then is a male. If  colored beige-brown, then it is a female.


Budgerigar Lifespan

Budgerigar parakeets lifespan is about 9-10 years, but they can reach up to 20 years old. One of the most common diseases in budgerigar parakeets is psittacosis. Most budgies exposed to this disease are often those who come in contact with other animals or birds. Symptoms of this disease are: Lack of appetite, their feathers come off easily and they sleep most of the time, breathing difficulty, and weight loss associated with diarrhea. However, he may be carrying the virus without showing any sign. A most common budgerigar parakeet fact is that they can get sick easily if is they are not properly cared for.

Do you want a parrot near you? Budgerigar parakeets are delightful, intelligent, cheerful, friendly, and devote.


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