Budgie Toys

Budgie toys are highly looked for by those who have such a parakeet at home. Toys are needed to provide your companion fun, to stimulate his/her native intelligence, and also to avoid the boredom and stress.  Do research on the internet and search for the best budgie toys if you want your budgerigar to feel like he/she is in Seventh Heaven. Studies have shown that budgies enjoy a new toy as much as they enjoy a good meal.

What kind of budgie toys to buy

You can offer your budgerigar leather toys, chemically untreated twine, plastic toys, and various swings and ladders designed for parrots. Damaged or too soiled toys must be replaced immediately.Buying your budgerigar different toys will ensure that he/she will spend time in an interesting way and will not develop destructive behaviors. It is not recommended to fill the cage with toys because it will become crowded and the budgie might become bored. Budgie toys must be given by rotation because the same toys kept too long will be ignored.

Breeders should not expose their budgies to strong chemicals, particularly in the form of aerosol. Intoxication or injuries caused by toxic substances may have an instant and irreversible effect. However, if you used chamber spray, move the budgie to another room and then ventilate the room. (A spray effect lasts up to 3 hours)


Dangerous budgie toys

We know that avocados, chocolate and alcohol are strictly prohibited and must not stay around parakeets. In addition there is a category of prohibited objects and budgie toys:

  • scented candles and aerosol
  • bathroom, kitchen and window cleaners, etc.

Some studies revealed that the sudden death of parakeets was directly related to such substances. Not used to hurt parakeets, they cause internal injuries. It is imperative to keep away your budgerigar from such substances.

There are some dangerous budgie toys that you need to keep away:

  • Clips or staples – can cause damage to the tongue
  • Balls with holes-if the holes are too big budgie beak can remain blocked
  • Beads- parakeets can play with them and can swallow or break them

It is known that zinc (toxin) has the highest mortality rate for parrots. Unfortunately, many cages contain zinc as well as many animal toys. Caution is recommended when buying cages and parakeet toys.

Hygiene is truly important in order to have a healthy budgerigar. Toys, perches and other cage accessories will have to be washed and cleaned as soon as they get dirty or get wet. Dry all these well before the budgerigar re-enters in the cage.



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