Budgerigar Taming

Budgerigar taming is easy and fun. For those people who know how to do it, it would feel good as it’s a way to interact with another creature that you are totally different from. You need to be friendly so as not to scare the little budgie, talk with a soft voice and make slow moves and never to shout at any given time even after the parakeet misbehaves.

Basically, budgie tame is easy and can be done in very few minutes if tenderness is applied while handling the pet bird. There are some few steps that need to be followed while one is budgerigar parakeet taming and are highlighted below.


How to tame a budgie – Steps

1.    Get the budgie friendly by giving it stories, read some animal related stories and make sure to stay closer and friendly for the first week after it is born.

2.    Keep closer each and every day. Stay close to the cage and make it seem as usual by getting your hands in the cage and having them rest for some minutes. Let this be a routine for every few hours as it will confuse the pet bird when you want to start the budgie taming.

3.    Pour some millet at the cage as this will let it even closer to you. This is because all birds love mille and they tend to lose concentration on anything else to focus on the food. Make sure not to let any other budgie around the place so that they don’t scare the pet bird. Make it a daily habit until all the millet is gone.

4.    Let your hand in the cage again and see if the budgie is afraid of your hand. If not, let him get on your fingers and see if he is going to stay or move back to his position.

5.    If the budgerigar parakeet is ok with your hands, move him out of the cage and see if he is still there or  fly back to the cage. If he does, give him time and try as many times as possible without being harsh on him even if it takes several times.


The above steps will get you to the budgie taming and you are good to go, with now a grown parakeet that just transited from one stage to another. Hand taming is the best and the very first way to tame your budgie. It is convenient because in most cases doesn’t scare away the budgie. This is one of the type of a bird that loves to hear a human being talking. Singing will always attract its concentration hence making the budgerigar tame easier.

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