Most Common Budgerigar Diseases

There are so many budgerigar diseases that are prone. Most of them are curable while others cannot be cured. The best thing is to discover some diseases at their early age, so that the budgie is not so warn out after some time. However when taken care of, with good nutrition, parakeet is able to live up to 18th year of its age. Just like a human being, let your budgie get a check up just at least once every year. This increases the chances of noticing any illness that would pop in an unnoticed.

Example of common budgerigar diseases

Just like any other bird, budgie is attacked by most of the common disease that relate to the kind of feed, the environment they are in and the relationship they have with other birds that could transmit to them anytime.

  • Goiter

This is a common disease to all birds and human beings as well. This is caused by the lack of enough Iodine which enlarges the thyroid gland and ends up changing the parakeets’ voice, to poor and deep voice.

  • Tumors

There are many types of tumors that a budgie is vulnerable to. Most of them can be serious at any stage. Some of the tumors are the fatty tumors, the kidneys, the adrenal tumors and the testicular tumors among many others.

  • Liver disease

This is another common budgie disease that is caused by poor nutrition. There are also some chances that, it can be caused by other diseases that are related to the nutrition as well.

  • Polyomar virus

Mostly, this will attack chicks after they have been arched. It can be prevented by the mother by taking care of the chicks before they grow to adapt to the outside world.

  • Protozoan infections

It is commonly found in the breeding budgies. Staying close to each other will bring about this kind of disease, therefore advisable to have a larger cage for good air circulation.

  • Mega bacteria

The cause of this common budgerigar disease is yeast. However, it can be treated by antifungal drugs that are advised by the vet officer. The parakeet looses weight to an extent that it can’t move.

  • Budgie fever

It is a very common fever to the budgies. It is serious in a way that can be transmitted to adults. Once this budgie disease is identified, the budgerigar parakeet is isolated to its private cage so as not to infect the rest of the parakeets and the human beings who could not be aware that it has such a disease.

Basically, many diseases are to be avoided by providing a well nutrition to the budgie and a clean environment as well.

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