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There is a saying that “even a small pet means a big commitment.” When you are interested in buying a budgerigar parakeet, part of that commitment is to find a good budgie breeder. What should a first-time budgie buyer look for when trying to find a reputable budgie breeder? Here are some good steps to follow, which can work for both local and online parakeet breeders.


Do your research

You’re off to a good start just by reading this article. Check out some other articles as well, simply because there are different schools of thought about what makes a good parakeet breeder. While you are on the Internet, you might also want to check out two organizations. These are the Budgerigar Association of America and the American Budgerigar Society. Both certify budgie breeders and they can provide listings of parakeet breeders, either online or in your area.

Another way of researching is to simply ask around. If you know folks who own budgies, ask them about the breeder from which they bought their bird. Local budgerigar parakeet groups might also be able to recommend parakeet breeders. For online budgie breeders, check with members of the many budgerigar parakeet websites. Finally, after you locate some budgie breeders whom you think are reputable, ask them for references and be certain to check them out!

 Budgerigar breeders

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Interview Budgie Breeders and ask the right questions

After finding a few possible parakeet breeders, take the time to interview each one. Phone interviews will work for either local or online. Gauge their attitudes as well as their replies to your questions. You want a parakeet breeder who is knowledgeable, honest and ethical, and sincere and caring. First, decide if they know their stuff. Does the budgie breeder seem to understand and want to communicate the basic characteristics of the birds?

If the budgerigar breeder deals with more than one species of birds, can he or she talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the breeds? If a parakeet breeder seems to “push” one breed over another, it could be that he or she has birds they can’t seem to sell. This could also be the case if he/she tells you an outright lie.

Be sure to ask lots of questions about housing since that can be a big factor in how healthy the breeder’s parakeets will be. See if the budgie breeder has a closed aviary which doesn’t allow public tours. Find out how large the birds’ cages are, since budgerigar parakeet breeding requires a lot of room.

Next, ask him/her if the budgies have been hand tamed. Budgies that aren’t will be likely to bite because budgerigars, by nature, generally don’t like being handled. Hand taming requires a lot of time, especially if the parakeets are being handfed, and it can say a lot about the breeder’s commitment to his or her birds.

Ask about the budgerigar’s socialization and activity levels. Birds that are lethargic and listless are often unhealthy. Budgies should be alert and active. It goes without saying that you want to check out routine veterinary care and immunizations. If the budgie parakeet breeder hasn’t committed to providing these for the birds, he or she may not really care about them.

Finally, ask about the parakeet’s feedings. They should have a varied diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, not just seeds and pellets. Also ask about weaning. If the budgie babies are not yet weaned or are going to be weaned too quickly, you are best to avoid that breeder.


Ask the Parakeet Breeder if he or she has questions about you

Budgerigar breeders should be concerned about who is purchasing their parakeets. These are their “babies,” and they should want them to go to responsible and caring buyers. Budgie breeders should also want to keep in contact, in case the new owner has questions or concerns. If he or she seems indifferent, is most likely breeding the budgerigars for the money alone and without any love for the birds. In that case, you will want to find another budgie breeder since this one isn’t committed to the time, effort, and expense of raising healthy, well-adjusted parakeets.


Tour the Budgerigar Breeder’s facilities if possible

If you are dealing with a local parakeet breeder and are satisfied with the interview, ask if it’s possible to see the aviary. As mentioned before, some budgie breeders maintain closed. However, if he/she allows visits, tour the facility to see the conditions for yourself. Do the budgerigars seem look healthy and comfortable, surrounded by clean, spacious accommodations? If you are buying from an online breeder, check out the website carefully. If it is well-organized and informative and gives some specific details about the breeder’s operation, it would seem that cares about his or her product.

If you find a budgie breeder who has passed each of these steps, you have most likely found a reputable budgie parakeet breeder who will sell you a pet that will provide many years of companionship and happiness.

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