My Budgerigar Sex

The budgerigar is a spoiled and happy bird, gains confidence quickly, is curious and playful and sometimes does not hesitate to sing. However, budgerigar can be silent, singing in a sweet way, may or may not speak. It is advantageous to know your budgie sex because there are some particularities about behavior. Budgerigar sex is often unknown, but there are some particular marks that make identification easier.

In the first eight months, both females and males look the same. After this age, you will begin to notice some particularities. It is said to be a true “art” to be able to detect the sex of a baby parakeet until the age of 4 months. However, below you will find some features in chicks’ behavior and physical features that will help you identify budgie’s sex easily.


Male Budgerigar

  •   Male budgies are obedient and learn quickly to speak. In the morning and evening especially, they will reward you with one of their long songs, full of various sounds;
  •   The color of the nasal passages is blue-purple and during budgie mating colors could become more intense;
  •    They bow their heads and feed the females.

Particularities for male budgerigar chicks:

  1.   If the pupil is large, it is a female budgie. You should observe the pupil when they are quiet, not nervous or happy to see you;
  2.    Male nose is more rounded and prominent;
  3.    Neck feathers are larger and round, and the neck appear to be thicker. Also, the head is round;
  4.    Nostrils are pink.

Female budgerigar

  • Female Budgerigar   Females do not sing, but they can talk to you and make sweet sounds when they want to attract attention. However, it is possible that they will reproduce some words;
  •    Female budgies are more playful and more curious;
  •    Tend to chew more, especially objects of cardboard, paper, or soft wood;
  •   The color of the nasal passages is gray-brown, and during budgie mating colors become more intense. In very young females budgerigar this area is sometimes colored blue to white;
  •    Are more aggressive, more nervous and pinch harder.

Particularities for female budgerigar chicks:

  1.    If the pupil is narrow, it is male. You should observe the pupil when they are quiet, not nervous or happy to see you;
  2.     The female’s budgie nose is flatter and smaller with fine white rings around the nostrils;
  3. The neck is slim, and they have a flatter head;
  4. Nostrils are white.

Budgies may become depressed because of the lack of a playmate or partner. That is why you should not stay away from home or give it too much time to itself. A budgie can live alone, but it is good for there to be someone at home with whom it can socialize and talk to. Where there are several budgerigars in one place, you will see that they will clean their feathers and sing along.

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