Budgie Lifespan

Budgie  lifespan and feeding

Budgie lifespan is about 15-20 years. Budgerigar parakeets are not very pretentious; They feed with vegetarian food. Feeding and caring for parakeets is extremely crucial for budgie lifespan. Budgerigar food consists of seeds of oat and millet, carrots, strawberries, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, apples, nectarines, pears, mango, grapefruit, oranges, spinach, kiwi, peaches. For a long budgie lifespan we recommend that you avoid foods like chocolate, cocoa, cabbage, peas, beans, milk products, raw potatoes, avocados, and altered food.

Water should be refreshed daily, and we recommend that you introduce a few drops of A, B, C, E and K vitamins in water. Also, it is good if in the budgerigar parakeets’ cage be special sand, toys, food and clean water. If you want to spoil your budgie, you can buy a stick of honey and other goodies. If you can, every evening or several times a week, let your parakeet fly freely around the cage. All of this gives your budgerigar parakeet the desired comfort and contributes to a longer budgie lifespan.

Budgies need a significant contribution of protein in the daily diet – about 12-15%. In winter, when budgerigar parakeets consume more energy, it is necessary for their diet to be richer in fat and carbohydrates and millet seeds that contain 60% carbohydrates and 3.5% fat. Beware of fresh vegetables; Shriveled vegetables can be harmful for budgies.

 Budgie lifespan

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Budgie lifespan is determined even by…sand. The sand in the cage helps digestion and budgerigar parakeets swallow sand to facilitate grinding the seeds in the stomach. The easiest method is to sprinkle a layer of special sand in the seed bowl. Instead of sand you can use finely-crushed eggshells, which are a source of calcium.


How do you know if a budgerigar parakeet is healthy?

  • Not to have wheezing breath;
  • Not to have troubled eyes;
  • Without beak deformities;
  • Budgie must be lively and stand on her feet;
  • Feathers around the nostrils and the beak must be dry and clean;
  • Check if they  have all claws;
  • Lack of feathers indicates  a disease;
  • If tail feathers are dirty, then the budgie has a digestive disease


Budgies love to be petted, loved, and to be with the master. Besides the fact that budgies should be rewarded sometimes with goodies, they like to be kept on the shoulder and treated with love.


Budgerigar parakeets need an average of 10-12 hours of sleep in the dark in a quiet environment. If they sleep less, they become nervous. If a budgerigar parakeet has night fears, flying through the cage hysterical, then uncover the cage, turn the lights on, and talk to calm him/her down. Usually a budgie lifespan expectancy in captivity is lower than the one found in the wild because of nutrition. There are no differences between the lifespan of male and female budgerigar parakeets.


Caring of budgerigar parakeets

Budgie lifespan is more than 15 years, but in order to live for so long time, they need to be cared for. The budgie cage must be kept clean, neat and washed, and it needs to have several accessories and toys. They hate to be left alone, to be punished or hit, or to have unwashed cages or be kept in tight spaces. Budgerigar parakeet cages should be large enough to fit two parakeets in order to fly from side to side of cage. Put the cage in a bright place and beware of moisture because that can affect the parakeet. Once a week, wash the cage with boiling water. Detergent should be in small amounts.


Budgerigar parakeets’ caring does not require long hours, but care for them must be regular. Be careful when choosing to buy one, two or more budgies. They need all your attention and must be loved. Like any bird, parakeets are not safe from disease. They must be protected from: the smell of detergents and perfumes, sunlight, noise, smoke, cold, moisture. Be cautious of falling feathers, and that the feet, nose and beak do not bleed. If you don’t know these risks it is possible to drain the budgie lifespan.

Get your budgie to the vet

Before buying a budgie, make sure that there is a veterinary office near you. Even they are not highly demanding, they are quite vulnerable to disease. It is contraindicated that medication be placed in water. When you observe that your budgie health is not very good, talk to a specialist. Sick budgerigar parakeets have a few symptoms like: They stand all the time on the cage bottom, retired, do not care of anything, eat less food, sneeze, breath hard, and have fluffy feathers. It is necessary to separate the sick budgies from the healthy ones. Budgie lifespan is so essential when you and your budgie become close friends, and more than that, because each budgerigar parakeet is unique, lively and makes you happy when you’re sad.


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