The Australian Budgerigar

Most of the world considers birds colorful, happy creatures of grace and beauty; some regal like eagles for example, and some cheerful, vibrant creatures like the Australian budgerigar, also referred to as budgies. Today budgies are popular among breeders, and they’ve been sought after household pets since the 1800’s. It’s hard to believe that these colorful, tiny birds somehow managed to survive the harsh weather conditions in Australia for millions of years.

Budgerigars in Australia, living in their natural habitat are noticeably smaller than those in captivity. Living in the wild the Australian budgies typically won’t live the entirety of their life span due to the hazards of survival in the outdoors. Raised as pets, budgies can live an average of 10 to 12 years if they receive proper care. They make enjoyable pets that are able to mimic speech, love music and are very playful, basically a complete joy to have around and are affordable pets to care for as well.

 Australian budgerigar

Australian Budgerigar that have been bred in captivity come in a variety of colors including blue, gray/green, gray, violet, yellow/blue, white, and even vibrant blotches of color however most found in pet stores are green, blue and yellow. These vibrantly hues birds are also fluorescent under ultraviolet light which may be connected to courtship.


What is the difference between australian budgies and UK budgies

Some of the main difference between the Australian budgies and UK budgies is their size and color varieties. In the UK, “English Budgerigar” have been bred for generations, focusing on show quality and size, weighing in at about 50 grams; around a head taller than the Australian Budgerigar. The English budgie has fuller feathering around their faces as well.


What is a healthy diet for australian budgies?

Typically, when living in the wild, the budgies live on a variety of grasses and greens. Any light green that can be devoured, prodded and pulled apart by this cute Australian bird will likely work as food however they typically stick to Spinifex, Mitchell’s and Tussock grasses; they also tend to enjoy millet and wheat. Budgies can even eat smaller seeds as long as they are soft enough. Australian Budgerigar pet owners can purchase natural greens or grains at most pet stores as well as nutritionally enhanced brands made from the same ingredients if the brand is known for quality budgie food.


Australian budgies need love too

Budgies need love and attention just like we do. If you’re away from home a lot be sure to provide your budgie (budgies) with plenty of toys like ladders, bells, rings, etc. You’ll want to skip mirrors because they’ll end up playing with their image instead of you.


The Australian Budgerigar makes a great pet if you’re ready to take proper care of them both nutritionally and emotionally; if you do you’ll fall in love with these exceptional creatures, their grace, vibrant colors, and cheerful, playful demeanor. Budgies live a long time, they are easy to care for, and they can make great companions if you give them plenty of love and attention.

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